Graham Potter reveals 2 reasons why Chelsea lost to Manchester City

Photo: Getty images

Chelsea boss Graham Potter has revealed two reasons why Chelsea lost 1-0 to Manchester City at Stamford Bridge on Thursday night.

According to Potter, the early injuries Chelsea suffered in the first half and Chelsea committing too many players forward for the press that led to the goal are the reasons why Chelsea lost to Manchester City.

Raheem Sterling (5th minute) and Christian Pulisic (22nd minute) both suffered early injuries and had to be taken off.

Graham Potter told Sky Sports: “When you consider everything losing Raheem [Sterling] and Christian [Pulisic] so early, the lads gave everything. It was a spirited performance against a top team, so apart from the result I’m proud of the players.

“It’s tough at the moment I must admit and I feel for the boys. We have to stick together. It was disappointing to lose those guys but the players on the pitch and the ones that came in gave everything and that’s all you can ask for.

“I thought we committed too many men too high to press them and that opened us up and then you have to credit their quality. In any goal you feel you can do a little bit better but you have to credit Manchester City.

“We can’t complain about it [the injury list] We just have to get on with it. The boys on the pitch gave everything and did what we asked them to do and Manchester City don’t give you much.

“We had to freshen it up but Lewis [Hall] and Amari [Hutchinson] are young players starting out and Conor [Gallagher] gave everything, it was nice to have that personality from the bench.

“You always have to take responsibility but you hope people look at the whole context and see where we are and what we have had to deal with but at the same time emotions are high and you have to try and ride out any storm and try to stay level. The crowd were behind the team and could see them doing everything.”