‘He’s a disgrace’ – Chelsea star blamed for 1-0 defeat to Manchester City

Photo: Getty images

Chelsea fans have blamed Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga for the 1-0 defeat to Manchester City at Stamford Bridge on Thursday night.

The Chelsea goalkeeper has been blamed for his role in Riyad Mahrez’s goal against Chelsea.

Jack Grealish produced a low cross from the left across the six-yard box, which Kepa appeared to pull out of going for, allowing the ball to whiz past him and ensuring Mahrez had an easy tap-in at the back post.

And Chelsea fans were left baffled by the goalie’s decision not to stick out an arm to try and stop the pass.

A Chelsea fan wrote: “Why doesn’t Kepa try to cut the cross out? It doesn’t look that far away from him!”

A fellow supporter said: “I have no idea why Kepa left that ball roll past him.”

A more angry fan wrote: “Don’t understand why Kepa just lets that roll past him for Mahrez to score. S***e goalkeeping.”

Meanwhile another blasted: “Kepa is a disgrace for that goal!”

A fellow fan said: “Shocking goalkeeping that!! Wow.”

As another asked: “Please explain why Kepa left that ball?”