Former Chelsea striker reveals why Chelsea have scored just 20 Premier League goals this season after 16 games

Chelsea have struggled to score goals this season, with the Blues scoring just 20 Premier League goals after 16 games.

Chelsea are the least scoring side in the top half of the Premier League, with teams like Brentford (27 goals), Brighton (28 goals), and Fulham (29 goals) all scoring more goals than Chelsea.

Premier League leaders Arsenal have scored 40 goals already in the Premier League while Manchester City have scored 44 goals.

Chelsea’s top goalscorers in the league are Raheem Sterling and Kai Havertz, both with 4 goals.

Former Chelsea striker Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink believes Chelsea aren’t scoring goals because the midfielders and defenders aren’t contributing.

“It’s not only the strikers who can score goals, it’s also midfielders that score goals and provide goals, and defenders even,” Hasselbaink said.

“How many goals have the midfielders got? It’s not only the strikers. Somebody needs to go beyond [the opposition defence], somebody needs to make runs without the ball.

“Nothing would have changed if [Lukaku and Werner] were here. They had a player in Lukaku who didn’t want to be here – who still doesn’t want to be here – so you’re not going to get anything out of him.

“They had Werner who is scared of the ball when it comes in the box, so they’re not going to be better with them!

“The problem is not the number nine, it’s more, it’s several positions. The midfielders are also not scoring goals, they are not providing, they are not creating enough chances. It’s not only the number nine.”