Tony Adams reveals this team must copy Chelsea hero if they want to succeed

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Tony Adams believes England must copy Chelsea hero Dennis Wise if they want to succeed and win trophies.

Adams is disappointed to see England fall at the quarter-final stage of the World Cup to France and thinks the current squad should be able to do better.

“Now that Gareth Southgate is staying, I repeat my advice that he should call on one or two old experienced heads for advice from time to time,” Adams told The Sun. “He doesn’t have to make it public but it would help him.

“And, as I’ve said before, we have to stop being good losers. We have to absolutely hate defeat.

“I’m not interested in the fair play trophy which we won in Qatar with Harry Maguire getting our only yellow card.

“I’d like to see us get a bit ‘Dennis Wise’. Wisey used to shake opponents’ hands, scrape them with his nails and stamp on their foot as he did it.

“I don’t want us to be cuddling opponents in the tunnel and laughing and joking with them. I want us to hate them and to make it as uncomfortable as possible for them.

“We need an edge to move forward. We need more aggression.”