‘Even if he goes to the toilet, I will follow him’ – Former Man United star recalls man-marking former Chelsea star

Photo: Getty images

Former Manchester United star Ander Herrera has recalled man-marking former Chelsea star Eden Hazard during a Manchester United match against Chelsea.

“At that time, Hazard was the best player in the league, with the best stats and everything,” said Herrera. “Chelsea were on fire, and Mourinho decided that I was the man to stop him.

“Two days before [the match], I said: ‘I’m going to try my best. Even if he goes to the toilet, I will follow him’.

“It was funny because I had a defensive role at that time, and I gave an assist, and I scored a goal.

“And Hazard didn’t do too much at that time, so it was funny.”

He then spoke about his permanent desire to put the team before him and how he maintains that principle regardless of the club he is playing at.

“I am a team player,” added the Spaniard, who is currently on loan at Athletic Bilbao from Paris Saint-Germain.

“I am ready to help the team and, at that time, Mourinho asked me to do that and I did it. If tomorrow I have to do it here in Bilbao, I will do it again.

“I want to finish my career with the feeling that I have done everything that I have done in my hands to help my team, my coach and my team-mates.”