Chelsea legend will easily replace Gareth Southgate as England manager

Jamie Redknapp isn’t happy Gareth Southgate has remained as England boss despite a disappointing World Cup for England.

According to Redknapp, Chelsea legend Frank Lampard will easily replace Southgate as England boss.

Redknapp told Sky Sports: “He has done a decent job, Gareth Southgate. But we shouldn’t be thinking that there isn’t anyone else out there. There will be a lot of good managers who would do an equally good job.

“Any young, English, Premier League manager worth their salt would have gotten England to the quarter-finals, when you look at the teams we’ve played.

“In the 2018 World Cup we had a lot of byes. We play one good team in Croatia and they beat us. We play a decent team at this World Cup and they beat us.

“In the last Euros, we beat two decent sides in Denmark and Germany – yet neither got out of their group in this World Cup.

“If you looked at the candidates right now, you’d see Graham Potter at Chelsea, Eddie Howe is doing a great job at Newcastle. Frank Lampard, who has a great history of playing for England, is at Everton. It didn’t work out for Steven Gerrard at Aston Villa, but any of these could have done as good a job as Southgate.

“Gareth isn’t silly, he knows there’s a Euros we have a great chance of winning and we’re going to get better and better – so why hand over the baton and give someone else that chance? He thought: ‘I better take this job pretty quickly unless someone else does it and have real success’.

“Now Gareth has been given this opportunity again – make the most of it. Let’s not be happy finishing in the quarter-finals, we should expect more.”

On the Three Lions’ World Cup campaign, former England star Redknapp added: “I don’t subscribe to this feeling that England had a really good World Cup.

“Getting to the quarter-finals wasn’t a big achievement and I don’t think we should be celebrating it.

“We could have done a lot more with the squad and the depth that we have. The substitutions we made weren’t quick enough and we took off the wrong players.”