REVEALED: The best player of the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Gary Neville has picked Lionel Messi as the World Cup’s player of the tournament.

The Sky Sports pundit has delivered his verdict on the 2022 World Cup ahead of Sunday’s final between France and Argentina. 

Explaining why he chose Messi as the player of the tournament, Nevill said: “Mbappe has got some great players around him whereas the players around Messi are of a good standard but not at the same level.

“Messi is nothing like the player he was 10 years ago obviously because of his age, but he’s just delivering in one or two moments, unbelievable moments with an assist, a goal.”

Meanwhile, Chelsea forward Christian Pulisic has refused to rule out a potential move to Manchester United.

Speaking while on a guest on the Indirect Podcast, Pulisic said: “Right now I’m absolutely back at Chelsea and focused and ready to finish the season, but you know how things work in football.

“Things change quickly and anything can happen. At the moment I am just pushing myself in training and working at Chelsea because that’s where I am right now.”