South American football expert explains why the referee was poor in France vs England World Cup clash

Photo: Getty images

South American football expert, Tim Vickery, has explained why Brazilian referee Wilton Sampaio was poor during England vs France World Cup clash.

Sampaio appeared to get a number of controversial incidents wrong during France’s 2-1 victory over England on Saturday.

Vickery tweeted: “My take on why the ref was so bad. It’s a question of criteria. When he’s in Brazil, everything is a foul. He knows this is different and tries to let things go, but he ends up confused in his own mind about what’s a foul and what isn’t.”

Former England international Gary Neville reacted to the performance of the referee following England’s defeat to France on Saturday.

“The referee I thought he had an absolute nightmare, he was a joke of a referee, him,” Neville said.

“I’m not saying that was all down to England’s defeat, I think because people will say it’s just excuses, he was just a bad referee, rank bad.”