‘He reminds me of Sergio Ramos’ – Chelsea may spend up to €100million to sign this solid and smart defender

Photo: Getty Images

Igor Jovićević, the former coach of Chelsea transfer target Josko Gvardiol at Dinamo Zagreb, has hailed the qualities of the RB Leipzig defender.

RB Leipzig reportedly rejected an €80million offer from Chelsea for the Croatian international in the summer and Jovićević believes Gvardiol could be worth €100million.

“I understand that people are surprised, but those of us who have known him closely for more than three years have stopped being surprised. The World Cup, for Joško, is one more day at the office,” Jovićević told Marca.

“He was 16 years old and was already playing in the second division. We quickly realised that he was going to be a top centre-back. He had a personality inappropriate for his age.

“He reminds me of Sergio Ramos. If he fails, he gets up like nothing happened. I am a coach who is committed to young people. If you see a player with that potential you have to die with him, even if the price is that you get kicked out. Time has proved me right. Every time I see him play, I feel gratitude.”

When asked to detail the Chelsea target’s qualities, Jovićević explained: “He had total command of the game. He was physically strong and made decisions effortlessly. You could see what you see now: a solid defender, smart, who anticipates well and who is very strong in the clash.

“Some people told me he wasn’t doing well with headers and had trouble turning. My answer was clear: ‘Wake up because if you do not sign him know you will never sign him’.”

“They already rejected €80m from Chelsea. If Leipzig presses, he can go up to €100m, which would make him the most expensive defender in history,” he added.