Frank Leboeuf reveals ‘huge mistake’ Chelsea made in transfer market

Photo: Reuters

Former Chelsea star Frank Leboeuf has revealed the huge mistake that Chelsea made in the transfer market.

According to Leboeuf, Chelsea made a huge mistake years ago when the club allowed England international Declan Rice to leave.

“I have a real soft spot for Mason Mount because of my relationship with Chelsea,” Lebouef told Ladbrokes at the launch of their World Cup Free-To-Play Halftime Quiz.

“He’s such a clever player, although I don’t think he was as efficient as he can be earlier on in the tournament. But you know he’s got the tools to succeed, so I’ve no doubt he’s still got something to offer.

“Harry Maguire has been criticised a lot in recent weeks, but it’s clear he’s one of Gareth Southgate’s favourites. He’s done a great job so far in Qatar, though. Maguire has always been very good for the national team, and it’s a completely different game to the Premier League, when you’re on that international stage.

“But I can’t not mention Declan Rice. Declan Rice really is the future of England. Chelsea made a huge, huge mistake in letting him go all those years ago.

“Defensively, I think Southgate has to face a reality in this tournament; his players have to work harder. My main concern about England has always been that players have put their clubs before the national team, and that’s a real mistake. But there seems to be a real harmony inside the team right now, so maybe that’s just a thing of the past. But, still, you have to find a real chemistry, and that’s Southgate’s job in Qatar; he needs everyone to be at the top of their game defensively.”