Arsenal legend tells England how to expose Chelsea star at the World Cup

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Arsenal legend Tony Adams has urged England to ‘isolate’ Senegal’s Kalidou Koulibaly in order to expose the Chelsea defender’s weakness.

England will play against Senegal in the last-16 of the World Cup on Sunday.

Adams told The Sun: “As a defence, you have to make play predictable, you have to be solid and you have to work together, making sure there’s no holes, communicating with your keeper, your full-backs and your midfield.

“Koulibaly will get exposed one v one without the help he needs around him and that’s when the likes of Marcus Rashford can exploit him.

“I remember our old Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger getting us to do one v ones in training using the whole pitch.

“There was a lightning-quick Thierry Henry against me.

“I’ve got no full-backs or midfield in front of me and Thierry, with his space and skill, just went past me.

“I walked in and said to Arsene: ‘Don’t ever do that to me again. I’ve spent my whole career playing so I don’t get into that situation by working with the rest of the defence.’

“That was how I was so successful, making sure the unit was always solid and no one was left isolated.”

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