England boss told to drop this Chelsea star against Wales

England boss Gareth Southgate has been urged to drop Chelsea forward Raheem Sterling for England’s final World Cup group game against Wales.

Former England striker Gabriel Agbonlahor told TalkSPORT: “Next game against Wales Southgate’s got to unleash Foden. Tell him ‘go on then this is your chance’ Jack Grealish, Phil Foden, get out there.

“I’d play Jack off the left and Foden off the right, I’d rest [Bukayo] Saka, I’d take [Raheem] Sterling out.

“I feel like Harry Kane’s going to be dying for a goal so you keep Kane and then the midfield three it’s hard to choose, you might even think about someone else in that number ten position.

“Phil Foden can play anywhere, he could play left-back if you wanted him to, he could play right-back and he’d do a good job of it, he’s that talented.

“You’ve seen him for Manchester City, he might play on the left or the right but he moves around, he’s got that rotation in him.

“I was just a bit frustrated watching it just how poor Mason Mount was. I do like Mount and I feel like people can get on his back, but he was so poor all game.

“He looked like he had energy, he didn’t look like one of the players that was tired, he was running after defenders, running after the keeper, but everything he was doing was going wrong.”