Thiago Silva rates Brazil’s chances of winning the World Cup in Qatar

Chelsea centre-back and Brazil international Thiago Silva insists Brazil are ready for the World Cup after last winning the World Cup in 2002.

“We truly believe in everything we’ve done so far,” said Silva. “We kick off this World Cup in a very favourable position.

“I tell the fans, please believe in us, rest assured because we are ready for a great World Cup.”

Thiago Silva also believes he is better prepared for the World Cup with Brazil.

“I am better prepared, I am calm, I am at ease,” he added.

Thiago Silva also believes fans will see a better Neymar with Brazil at the 2022 World Cup compared to previous World Cups.

“Without any injury or worry, we see a better Neymar,” Silva added. “Best of all he is humble. We will make him more at ease. We share our responsibilities as players and help him play even better.

“Neymar is at a good level for this competition. We need to take advantage of this best Neymar mode.”