People saying I’m not good enough, pushes me to be better – Chelsea star declares

Photo: Getty images

Chelsea star Raheem Sterling has revealed critics saying he’s not good enough drive him to become even better.

“What’s made me the person I am today is all the setbacks I’ve had, all the “can’ts” — you can’t do this, you can’t do that, you’re not good enough. Those sort of things always drive me,” said Sterling.

One thing that has helped him through the recent ups and downs is meditation. Sterling tried it for the first time at England’s base during the Euros last year following a frustrating season at City, first in the bath of his hotel room and then on the floor.

Now he practises it regularly with his partner Paige and their children, and is even the ambassador for a meditation app.

“It’s something I do every day,” said Sterling. “I focus on my breathing and concentrate on getting to a space where it’s quiet. The more I don’t think about the game and go about my everyday life, the better.”

Like many players, he has his superstitions. “If I score, I’ll try to wear the same trainers with my tracksuit to the next game. If I don’t score it’s going back in the closet!” he smiled.