Todd Boehly warned it will take Chelsea years to recover from this mistake he made

Photo: Ivan Yordanov/MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Gary Neville believes it could take Chelsea ‘a couple of years’ to recover from Todd Boehly’s first transfer window in charge of the club.

Boehly spent over £250million on nine players in the summer but the Blues have struggled this season on the pitch.

“Are we going to speak about Chelsea? Todd Boehly’s project, we have to speak about Chelsea,” Neville said on his Sky Sports podcast.

“I got battered by Chelsea fans at the start of the season but I’m not surprised by what’s happening to Chelsea.

“This has got all the hallmarks of a project that will take time. If you look at what happened at the start of the season, there’s no doubt that was handled with crassness, the way in which the transfer window was being handled.

“That transfer window could take Chelsea a couple of years to recover from, if they don’t get it right.

“Graham Potter is under big pressure, I hope he’s not and they see it through because this is a culmination of the difficulties of Roman Abramovich leaving, the new owner coming in and sticking his chest out and going around Europe thinking he can play Football Manager.

“I’ve seen it before and it doesn’t tend to work. I think Chelsea have always been a really smart, efficient, clinical operation on recruitment so I think Chelsea are one of the big stories right now.

“I think they will improve but there are obviously questions marks because they’re a club like Manchester United where I wonder where’s the £250m has gone.

“It’s a quarter of a billion quid, where’s it gone, how have they enhanced the squad? There’s a lot of questions for Chelsea.”