Graham Potter’s record against Newcastle United

Photo: Getty images

Chelsea boss Graham Potter has an impressive record against today’s Premier League opponent Newcastle United.

Potter has faced Newcastle United seven times as a manager and has only lost once to them. Potter has two wins and four draws against Newcastle United.

Meanwhile, Potter has explained his vision for the club amid criticism from Chelsea fans following the club’s poor form.

Potter told Sky Sports: “It’s always about the players, about putting the players in the position that you think they can influence the game the most in.

“Of course, that boils down to how you see the game and how the game goes, but obviously we know it’s football and the scoreline can go against you or things can look a little bit different.

“That’s always the idea, to keep a consistency in terms of how we’re playing and how the team looks depending on the players we have, depending on the capability of the team we’re playing.

“Because that’s something we’re having to juggle for the last five or six weeks, just an incredible amount of games, key injuries to a few players and trying to work out who can do what and it’s a bit of a minefield shall we say.”