Graham Potter explains his vision for Chelsea amid criticism from Chelsea fans

Photo: James Gill – Danehouse/Getty Images

Chelsea boss Graham Potter has explained his vision for the club amid criticism from Chelsea fans following the club’s poor form.

While Potter’s vision is yet to be implemented properly at such an early stage of his Chelsea career, he has explained how he wants his team to play.

Potter told Sky Sports: “It’s always about the players, about putting the players in the position that you think they can influence the game the most in.

“Of course, that boils down to how you see the game and how the game goes, but obviously we know it’s football and the scoreline can go against you or things can look a little bit different.

“That’s always the idea, to keep a consistency in terms of how we’re playing and how the team looks depending on the players we have, depending on the capability of the team we’re playing.

“Because that’s something we’re having to juggle for the last five or six weeks, just an incredible amount of games, key injuries to a few players and trying to work out who can do what and it’s a bit of a minefield shall we say.”

2 Comments on "Graham Potter explains his vision for Chelsea amid criticism from Chelsea fans"

  1. George E. Onuoha | November 10, 2022 at 2:34 pm |

    Graham Potter ‘the match seller the match fixer’ have nothing to offer Chelsea management and fans except pains, heartbreaks, disasters, disgraces, destruction & disappointments.

    After every match he is so keen to meet the media and make one foolish excuse after the other like Frank Lampard and Mark Hughes – the land mark of British managers. Always talking to the media cannot produce what you don’t have. Just resign and go to look for midtable or championship team to manage and not to remain at Chelsea and be dishing out one foolish, idiotic, nonsensical and irresponsible excuse or the other everyday without shame.

  2. George E. Onuoha | November 10, 2022 at 2:46 pm |

    The truth of the matter is that Britain doesn’t have a top class manager that could handle any biggest six clubs of the big Football leagues in England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Holland & Portugal. These are the leagues that produced a UEFA Champions League winners in Europe.

    When Tony Adams & Gary Neville went to Spain, they were humiliated out shortly because they couldn’t offer what their British media hyped them for. Till date they cannot get any other club to manage and laughably Gary Neville is now a football pundit or bandit. Imagine talking to the public what you couldn’t deliver as a manager. Just check out Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Holland and sometimes French football managers compare to British football managers. British media could hype you to get the job but they cannot give you the all important technical & tactical capacities required to achieve the successes.

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