Lazy Chelsea star blamed for Chelsea’s defeat to Arsenal

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Martin Keown and Scott Parker blamed Chelsea forward Kai Havertz for Chelsea’s 1-0 defeat to Arsenal on Sunday at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea failed to deal with Bukayo Saka’s innocuous corner to allow Gabriel to poke home a second-half winner at Stamford Bridge.

Havertz was guarding the near-post as the corner came in but failed to clear the ball before it also flew past Thiago Silva and Edouard Mendy to be met by Gabriel.

Speaking about the goal Chelsea conceded to Arsenal, Parker told BT Sport: “You’re always massively disappointed when you concede from a set-piece.

“Arsenal are certainly good at scoring set-piece goals and that’s something we prepped for [before Fulham’s 2-1 defeat at the Emirates in August].

“I don’t know why Havertz has gone so far forward before the corner. If he goes deeper he can come on to it, instead he starts high and then starts running back and then he’s got a lot to deal with.”

Arsenal legend Keown added: “Kai Havertz has got to do better there. He swings a lazy leg at that.”

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  1. Potter need to improve his information and tactics. Today ,play like junior team. I believe Potter doesn’t like Koulibaly playing style choose Cucurella who’s defensive is not good. Portter is making wrong selection, he is not good for Chelsea only he prove himself. I am ashamed today for this scoreline . I don’t want the team I love to be in this situation. Chelsea created a few chances while Arsenal created not less than fourteen. All this Potter and his team are on tonch lines without having eyes to see. Mr Portter prove yourself and make sure that Chelsea Fund’s are happy.

  2. Please don’t blame Havertz!
    The blame should rather go to the manager who cannot add value to a great team at his disposal! He can’t even psych up his players to keep them focus on the pitch.

  3. Jamiu Kareem | November 7, 2022 at 6:49 pm |

    Potter didn’t have experience to be a Chelsea coach if Chelsea want to contest with top four we need to look for a good coach on less we’re going to religation

  4. Kai can not even run, can not shoot,he is not strong enough to compete in the PL ,he is too fragile, soft and surrounded by relatively old players that can not fight long for him before he is exposed.

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