Thomas Tuchel finally reveals why he’s still upset by Chelsea dismissal

Photo: Jurij Kodrun/Getty Images

Thomas Tuchel was sacked as Chelsea boss following the defeat to Dinamo Zagreb in September, although Chelsea co-owner Todd Boehly claimed at the time that the decision wasn’t based on results but on some bigger issues.

“Yes, I am upset. And I am sad because I think my job at Chelsea was not finished,” Tuchel told The Hindu.

“I had a fantastic relationship with the players. We had a fantastic relationship with all the staff.

“We had overcome an incredibly demanding time in change of ownership and being sanctioned [by the UK government]. And before that we had COVID-19.

“So it was pretty demanding, but it was also very, very bonding. So we did this together, and I was in for the long run.

“I was ready to go a long way because I felt happy, but the owners had a different idea, and you have to accept it.”