Graham Potter warned not to play Chelsea star out of position against Arsenal

Photo: Getty images

Former Chelsea defender William Gallas has warned Chelsea boss Graham Potter to stop playing Raheem Sterling out of position.

“If Graham Potter wants to get the best from Raheem Sterling, he has to play on the right or left of a three, that’s how Sterling was being used at a high level before at Liverpool and Manchester City,” Gallas told Genting Casino.

“He’s always played there. So for me it is difficult to understand why, sometimes, a manager wants to play players out of position.

“After the Zagreb win, I think Potter has to play Sterling in a front three and not how he used him in the last match when he was playing wing-back.

“It was very difficult for Sterling to play there. Play him in his position and let him do what he needs to do.”

“During the 4-1 defeat, what I saw were some players being passive and not aggressive, especially at the back,” he added.

“For a team like Chelsea you can’t concede four goals like that, especially against Brighton. Even if we know Brighton are a good side, it doesn’t matter because when you represent a club like Chelsea players have to do more.

“As a former player, I know sometimes that when you play every three days it can be difficult but you have show a strong mindset. You know it will be a difficult game, but you have to do the job and Chelsea didn’t do the job. They lost.”