‘Simple as that for me’ – Chelsea star told he is a sure starter for England at the World Cup

Photo: Getty images

Rio Ferdinand and Joe Cole has insisted Chelsea star Raheem Sterling is a sure starter for England at the World Cup despite questions arising of late over his form and whether he should be part of Gareth Southgate’s squad. 

“Sterling starts at the World Cup forget going, he starts,” stated Ferdinand on BT. “Simple as that for me.”

And Cole agreed, adding: “When you go through facts, he’s Chelsea’s top scorer, the last seven years of what he has done in his career for England and Manchester City, he’s got so much in the bank for the people who know the game.

“It’s an absolute no-brainer, of course he goes to the World Cup.

“His biggest strength is what’s between his ears. You ain’t got no worries about him going into a World Cup. People talk about him not going – absurd.

“Someone who’s come through what he’s come through to become the player he’s become, when you pull that shirt on for England at the World Cup he will puff his chest out and get on the ball and make it happen, I have no doubt about it.”

“He needed that goal Sterling,” Ferdinand added. “We were talking in the studio confidence-wise you can see in the celebration the frustration that he’s been feeling the relief to score that goal.

“I was delighted for him because I’ve been hearing some outlandish comments about should he even go to the World Cup for England.

“But this guy whatever happens he gets into good areas, he doesn’t shy away when things aren’t going his way, he still always gets himself into positions where he can affect the game and his endeavour is always there, his determination, desire, I mean this is what I love about him.”