Graham Potter offers support to struggling Chelsea star. So much was expected of him

Photo: Robin Jones/Getty Images

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Chelsea paid nearly £50m to Manchester City for the signing of Raheem Sterling.

The 27-year-old Englishman is currently the highest earning player in the team, with wages of £325k per week.

A lot was expected of Sterling upon signing for Chelsea, but it hasn’t been all smooth sailing for the former Man City and Liverpool star.

Sterling is without a Premier League goal since August despite netting three goals in his first five for the club, but Blues boss Graham Potter has shown some support for the struggling star.

“No you shouldn’t be concerned,” Potter replied when asked on Raheem Sterling’s form heading into the World Cup.

“His quality speaks for itself. Sometimes the team doesn’t function as well and the team suffers. It is better to think about how we can attack better and create more chances,” he added.

Meanwhile, former Chelsea defender Frank Leboeuf has told summer signing Raheem Sterling to show more consistency in his game.

“I’m never sure what to expect from Raheem Sterling,” he told Fair Betting Sites.

“He has incredible pace, and he can be a genius sometimes and then be so clumsy straight after.

“I said I had doubts that he would really change Chelsea’s attack dramatically, but he has scored goals and maybe I was wrong about that but now I think actually I was right.

“His talent is evident but there’s a lack of consistency which is what’s need at the highest level. When you talk about Erling Haaland it’s crazy consistency and that’s what I want to see from Sterling, instead of him disappearing for half an hour or 45 minutes.

“Like how you see with Bukayo Saka at Arsenal, when he gets the ball, you always feel something is going to happen. He tries something special, and I also see it from his teammates Martinelli and Gabriel Jesus. They’re a real triple threat and I’m looking for that at Chelsea, but I can’t see it.”