Graham Potter: It was painful

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It wasn’t a good return for Graham Potter at the Amex Stadium.

Chelsea were outplayed in the first half and beaten black and blue by the Seagulls.

In the first 14 minutes, Chelsea were already 2-0 down, and by half-time the Blues were losing 3-0.

Chelsea ended up losing the game 4-1, and Graham Potter said it was a painful one.

“Yes of course the scoreline and the defeat is a painful one,” Graham Potter told BBC after the game.

“We didn’t really recover. Once the crowd were so engaged it was a difficult one for us.

“The scoreline was painful. Brighton played a good game, especially in the first half.

“You can always look at goals and think you can do better. We have to take responsibility a bit in the first half. We have had a lot of football but that’s no excuse.

“We couldn’t quite get to that level. We didn’t take our opportunities in attack and they did.

“We had some opportunities to attack them too but unfortunately we missed the pass or didn’t execute, then the scoreline was a painful one. When you lose you can always do better.”

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  1. Jay-Wealthy | October 31, 2022 at 4:12 pm |

    Hey, maybe you were just been Mr nice to your old club at the detriment of Chelsea.. warning for you.. watch your back. Else!!!

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