‘It was clumsy’ – Gary Neville reacts to Chelsea’s penalty decision

Manchester United legend Gary Neville slammed substitute Scott McTominay for his role in giving Chelsea a penalty.

McTominay held Armando Broja tightly in the box until he fell to the ground, leaving the referee with no option than to point to the spot.

Gary Neville slammed Neville and called his actions clumsy.

“It’s clumsy from McTominay,” Neville told Sky Sports.

“There’s no doubt that at the end [Armando Broja] throws himself to the ground but there is initial contact.

“It’s that left arm, then it’s the right arm. I think that’s the problem for McTominay. He may feel like he’s not brought Broja down but optically it looks terrible.

“He looked like he was hugging him and pulling him to the ground. There’s a way to stop people going across you as soon as you put your arm or two arms on someone you’re in trouble.”