Potter rates the performance of Broja and Carney Chukwuemeka

Photo: Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

Chelsea manager Graham Potter decided to give a first start to young striker Armando Broja in the game against Brentford.

Potter explained that it was a tactical decision, as Broja has the pace to attack the space left by Brentford whenever they go forward.

“We saw with two or three actions in the first half what Armando’s about,” Potter said, “which is he can attack space when there’s big space behind, he can give you that possibility.

“Brentford press high and they leave space behind so we could use him.

“We did it two or three times, we wanted to do it a little bit more than we did but I thought he did okay for his first start. Because it’s his first, we thought 60 minutes is about the maximum for him. Overall we are happy with him.”

Photo: Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

Graham Potter also brought in young midfielder Carney Chukwuemeka who gave a good account of himself as he played for half an hour.

He said of the young Carney Chukwuemeka: “If you look at Carney’s attributes he is a big powerful boy that can run, and run away from people.

“In a game like Brentford you’re often in duels and you need physicality and he and Christian Pulisic did well when they came on, they affected the game.

“Carney’s a young player but he’s got exciting attributes. We just need to help him reach his potential which is exciting.”