Former Blue reveals how Lukaku can be a success at Chelsea

Romelu Lukaku
Photo: Robin Jones/Getty Images

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Romelu Lukaku was Chelsea’s record signing, after joining the club in 2021.

The Belgian international was expected to be the missing piece of the puzzle for Chelsea, but after a bright start at Stamford Bridge, the Belgian struggled until the end of last season.

Lukaku joined Inter Milan last summer on loan, and will return to the club at the end of the season.

Ex-Chelsea defender Glen Johnson believes Lukaku can still be a success at Chelsea, if well utilised.

“It’s very difficult to see how he can salvage his Chelsea career at the moment,” Johnson told about Lukaku’s future.

“He’s obviously a good player but his recent spell at the club was dreadful, as we all know.

“I think he can be a success if he can get back to doing what he does best and stop moving over to the flanks and trying to dribble past everyone.

“That’s not his game. If you’re his manager then you want him to stay in the middle and not move because he’s not a footballer that can get into the gaps, get people on the half turn and bring others into play.

“He’s just a brute that can score goals. If he sticks to what he’s good at then he can be a success at Stamford Bridge.”