Emily Heskey delivers his top four verdict

Photo: The FA via Getty Images

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Liverpool legend Emile Heskey has delivered his top four predictions for the 2022-23 season, after ten round of matches.

Heskey is backing Manchester City and Arsenal to fight for the title, and believes Chelsea and Liverpool would complete the top four rankings.

He told Ladbrokes: “Liverpool are looking at the top four now; not the title race.

“They really need to start adding points sooner, rather than later though, because it’s a really tough position to be in when you start drifting away from the chasing pack.

“Manchester City and Arsenal will be the top two in the Premier League this season. Then you’ve got the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool, Man United and Tottenham who’ll always be there or thereabout.

“I know a lot of people say they don’t like the way Spurs play, but if it’s getting you results, you’re obviously doing something right.

“It’s all about striking that right balance; is it the most attractive football to watch? No, but what have they got to show for the kind of football they’ve played over the last few years? Nothing.

“Ultimately as a fan you just have to ask yourself exactly what you want. It’s not pretty, but when you’re playing pretty football, you’ll always have a section of fans saying they want grit and they want fight.

“This isn’t just a Spurs thing, by the way; it goes for the whole division. It’s no good playing the best and most attractive football if you’re losing every week. It counts for nothing.

“If you’re pushing me, right now – aside from Man City and Arsenal – I still believe Liverpool can finish in the top four. It’ll be a tough ask for them, make no mistake about that, but I believe they’ll sneak in there.

“I’d probably say Chelsea are in there too. I’d put Chelsea in third and then Liverpool fourth.”