Aubameyang reveals reason for slamming former manager

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A video of Chelsea striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was released of the 33-year-old slamming former manager Mikel Arteta.

Aubameyang had fallen out with Arteta during his time at Arsenal, and Aubameyang said Arteta doesn’t know how to work with big players.

“We knew the coach, Xavi, then he called me and said there is an opportunity because you have those problems with Arsenal, but if you come you will help us a lot, so I said okay,” Aubameyang said in the video.

“But to manage big characters or big players, he [Arteta] can’t deal with it. He [Arteta] needs some young players, they don’t say anything, they listen.”

Aubameyang has now reacted to the recently released video, and has claimed that he has moved on from that experience.

“I’m aware there is a video out that was recorded just after I arrived at Barca. At the time I still had a lot of bad feelings in me,” he tweeted on Monday afternoon.

“Arsenal are doing great things this season and I wish all my old guys well, just not on November 6 [when Chelsea host the Gunners]. Now full focus on tomorrow [against AC Milan in the Champions League].”