Michael Owen reveals how he almost played for Chelsea

Michael Owen is seen as one of the greatest strikers to have played the game in the Premier League.

The former England international spent most of his years at Liverpool before leaving for Real Madrid, and then returned to feature for Newcastle and Manchester United.

Owen has revealed how he was tempted by Arsenal and Liverpool while still as a young player.

“I remember Arsenal taking me down on the train, one of the scouts took me down,” Owen said.

“And they were about to play against Coventry, at Highbury and Ian Wright met me in the marble reception area, literally an hour and a half before the game.

“He brought me in and showed me around the dressing room, introduced me to all the players.

“I met George Graham and I went watched the game and in a box. Actually, it was Coventry that won. I think Mick Quinn scored a hat trick that game.

“So that was real red carpet treatment, you know, Ian Wright, the star of the show, coming out of the dressing room to meet me and I would have only been about 12 at the time.

“Glenn Hoddle was another one. I think Chelsea were playing Norwich, at Stamford Bridge.

“And again, he had me in his office, talking to me about how much they wanted to sign me.”