Chelsea’s defending wasn’t so strong – AC Milan manager says after planning to dominate Chelsea

Photo: Sportinfoto/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

AC Milan boss Stefano Pioli admitted he was unhappy with his team’s performance after AC Milan were beaten 3-0 by Chelsea in the Champions League clash at Stamford Bridge.

Pioli says his team didn’t take advantage of Chelsea’s lack of pressing and didn’t move the ball well enough.

“The game became difficult. There were situations in which we could have been more aggressive but I don’t believe our main problem was controlling the pitch without the ball,” Pioli said.

“We didn’t play well tonight with the ball. We didn’t move the ball well enough even though we had our chances to do so, given that the pressure applied by Chelsea wasn’t so strong and continuous.

“Then we went long and when you do that, you end up being stretched.”

Before the game, Stefano Pioli had admitted that his plan was to dominate the game at Stamford Bridge.

“We want to be competitive, and in order to do that you have to face every single game to the best of your abilities, trying to give your all throughout the match,” Pioli told Milan Channel before the game.

“We are aware that we face a big team who won the Champions League two years ago, but we have our own mentality and our way of setting up on the pitch, so we’ll try to do the same tomorrow evening.”

He then added: We have to be good technically, tactically and in terms of controlling the ball.

“Very simply, either we dominate the game or the other team will dominate us. We want to take control of the match, knowing full well we are up against an opponent with great quality, who have a rapid attacking unit with good technique, so we have to be solid and focused in defence.”