Even Sir Alex Ferguson won’t win the league with this Chelsea team – Joe Cole explains

Photo: Getty Images

Former Chelsea ace Joe Cole has declared that Chelsea may need to give Graham Potter time to build a team capable of winning the Premier League.

The club spent nearly £300m in the summer transfer window, and despite the heavy outlay, there’s yet to be a seeming improvement in performances.

According to Joe Cole, Manchester City are so far away from Chelsea at the moment, and even the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson won’t win the league with this Chelsea team.

“When you come to Chelsea, you have to win games and trophies,” Cole told the Sun.

“The club has been built on that in the last 20 years. The fans are used to big games and going to cup finals, so Potter can’t just disregard that. It will always be in the background.

“But with so much newness around the club, they seem to have gone away from that immediate success plan that Chelsea are normally associated with.

“This appointment says to me that Chelsea are looking long-term, and it is an intelligent move because the likes of Manchester City are so far ahead.

“You could employ Sir Alex and Brian Clough, all the all-time greats of management together, and they still wouldn’t make an immediate impact in chipping away at City, competing for trophies with them.

“It will be a process to do that. it might take years over months, but I like the appointment. If you plucked a manager from the 80s or 90s and put him into the dressing room now, it would be a disaster.

“Potter is a modern manager with modern methods and modern ways of connecting with people. I think he is the future. If he is allowed to build, with the resources he has got, then he is the right man for the job.

“If you go down a road of stability with good people, eventually you will have success.”