Zaha blasts Reece James after being ‘locked’ by the Chelsea defender

Photo: Harriet Lander/Getty Images

Wilfried Zaha is Crystal Palace’s star man, but the Palace forward had no joy against Reece James.

James bottled all of Zaha’s attacking efforts, much to the frustration of the Ivorian international.

Zaha managed one shot all game and could hardly get past James area, which forced him to switch to the other flank at some point.

After the game, James posted a picture of himself and Zaha on his Instagram page along with a ‘lock’ emoji, referencing how he had locked down his opponent.

Zaha didn’t take James post lightly, as he sent out an offensive reply.

The 29-year-old wrote: “Clout’s a hell of a drug lol but y’all be safe.”

Zaha would then delete the message and put up a more mature message which simply reads: “Win some, lose some. We look forward to putting it right next weekend.”