Is the Chelsea job too big for Graham Potter? John Terry compares Potter to Mourinho as he gives his candid view

Photo: Paul Harding/Getty Images

The new Chelsea owners decided to sack Thomas Tuchel, and appoint Graham Potter in a strange turn of event last month.

Known for his exciting tactics, Graham Potter is yet to win a trophy, and not many believe he can achieve so much at Chelsea.

However, Chelsea legend John Terry has claimed that Potter is up to the task. According to Terry, from the news he has gathered, the new manager has already had a good impact on the players like when Jose Mourinho was first appointed as Chelsea manager.

Asked if the Chelsea job is too big for Potter, Terry replied on beIN Sports: “I honestly don’t think it is. I think what he did at Brighton was incredible and their position in the league speaks for itself.

“When you speak to anyone within the training ground or around the place, what he’s done on the field has spoken for itself: the way he plays, the formation.

“But also the way he is with the players, and I think in this day and age if you’re a young manager you need to understand the players. And I think these young managers like him understand the players better than anybody and can relate to them.”

He continued: “I think you get them onside by, day one, everyone is going to be watching. That first meeting, the first training session: how does he conduct himself? How does he hold himself? Can he handle this big dressing room?

“And if he’s come in and put his marker down from day one, players, go ‘Ooh hello’. Pretty much like we did when Mourinho came in.

“No-one had really heard of him and then he comes in and goes “I’m in charge”. If [Potter] has done a similar thing, both on the pitch and off the pitch, the players will respect that.

“But also they’ll be looking at his sessions and tactically how he sets them up for games and that side of it. So you’ve got a two or three day window where you can go and impress the players and by all accounts he’s gone and done that – and, listen, I hope he does well!”