Former Chelsea striker Diego Costa reveals why he was scared to death after joining Wolves

Photo: Getty Images

Former Chelsea striker Diego Costa has signed for Wolves on a free transfer, having previously been without a club since leaving Atletico Mineiro in January.

Wolves signed Costa as a replacement for summer arrival Sasa Kalajdzic, who suffered a heartbreaking cruciate ligament injury on his debut.

Costa has admitted he was scared to death while filming his Wolves announcement video which featured some dangerous animals.

In the video announcing Costa as a Wolves player, the former Chelsea striker is seen holding a chained pack of wolves in the video, one of which bares its teeth at the camera towards the end of the clip.

“I was scared to death. Holding that chain I kept thinking, ‘What if this wolf thinks about jumping on top of me?’ and then the three of them did,” Costa said of his Wolves announcement video.

“Because the lady training them kept calling them, asked them to move around a little and the dog, the wolves didn’t do a single thing. And I thought, ‘If they’re not doing anything with the trainer, if they come’…when they came and smelled my foot, I knew I was done for.”

Check out the video below: