‘You are a liar’ – Brighton fans tell Graham Potter

Photo: Robin Jones/Getty Images

New Chelsea manager Graham Potter had asked Brighton & Hove Albion’s supporters to forgive him for leaving to become Chelsea’s manager.

In an open letter written on Thursday and published on Brighton’s website on Sunday, Potter wrote: “This has been three wonderful years with a club that has changed my life and I want to take a moment to say goodbye to all of you who have made it such a special period of my career.

“I bid farewell to a great club and one that will always mean so much to me and my family. For some I recognise that the change that comes so suddenly in football can be hard to accept.

“I may not be able to persuade you all to forgive my departure – but I would at least like to take the chance to say thank you.”

The Seagulls fans didn’t seem to take his apology, with many of them angry with the decision he took.

See some of the fans response below

cjd: “Dear Graham, you are a liar. FULL STOP.”

Dancinglemming: “I always really believed that he was a man of integrity who valued the fans and listened to supporters’ views. Now I see that he’s selfishly chasing the money…

“I for one, am not yet prepared to forgive and forget. It’s very likely that we will spiral down the league now he’s taken such crucial staff with him.”

blackkaviar_doc: “It’s all empty words to me tbh. 6 games in and it all goes well and this…”

Eagle73: “Everything is for appearances nowadays, can’t really believe a word.”

The Wizard: “It’s like cheating on your wife you’ve been with for 5 years with a sexier, younger model who is willing to do more in the bedroom than writing a heartfelt letter talking about all the good times you had, note to Graham Potter… you have tarnished those memories by taking the whole club and turning it upside down at first notice, I don’t blame him by the way with the money on offer but I still don’t and will not forgive it anytime soon.”

Mightygulls: “Actions speak louder than words.”

Glasdir: “If it’s not a load of bullshit intended to placate then he’s an incredibly naive fool. He was impatient and jumped the gun, taking the first job available rather than a good one and leaving us in real trouble which is scummy at best. The Man City job is available in the summer and I’m sure he would have been a candidate had he waited.”