‘Roman Abramovich has picked up his phone’

Photo: Clive Mason/Getty Images

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel and former owner Roman Abramovich are trending on Twitter following Chelsea’s 1-0 defeat to Croatian side Dinamo Zagreb.

Some rather impatient Chelsea fans are calling on Todd Boehly to sack Thomas Tuchel, and Blues supporter and journalist Jason Gibbins has claimed Roman Abramovich could have made the move right now, forgetting that he’s no longer the owner of the club.

“Somewhere, far, far away, Roman Abramovich picks up his phone, scrolls down to H for Hiddink, hits dial, and then – and only then – remembers…” Gibbins tweeted.

Meanwhile, Chelsea fans have been telling Thomas Tuchel that he’s lucky Roman Abramovich isn’t the owner of the club anymore.

3 Comments on "‘Roman Abramovich has picked up his phone’"

  1. I’ve never watched a football team that Sacks to watch while playing like Chelsea this season you rather watch Brighton and hove Albion
    They play like robots coach is just giving excuses so what do you have to tell the journalists after losing 3games away in a row there is nothing to say b’se they already know what you gonna say

  2. I’m not a coach But to be sincere tuchel Is a good coach but he messed up too much he deserves to be sacked

  3. Tuchel ,has has already want to be sacked?

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