‘I will not comment’ – Tuchel vows not to say anything after David Moyes’ ‘rotten’ comment

Photo: Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC via Getty Images

West Ham boss David Moyes was furious after the London derby game between Chelsea and West Ham at Stamford.

Following West Ham’s cancelled goal in the 90th minute, Moyes was very critical of the officiating, and even used worse words than Thomas Tuchel who was suspended after the game against Tottenham.

“It is a scandalous decision, absolutely rotten from one of the supposedly elite referees,” Moyes told Sky Sports.

According to reports, the Football Association have decided not to reprimand West Ham United manager David Moyes for calling VAR ‘rotten’ after the 2-1 loss to Chelsea.

Thomas Tuchel was asked to comment on the FA’s decision not to reprimand Moyes, but the Blues boss was in no mood for a comment.

He said: “He’s available. I did not feel anything. I didn’t hear the accusations. You know what happened to me when I spoke about the referee.

“It was pretty expensive. I told you after that I will not comment anymore. This is what happens right now.

“I don’t respond today because I can understand his frustration (David Moyes). We leave it from there.”