Tuchel reveals what he wants after West Ham game

Thomas Tuchel
Photo: Getty images

It has been a tough start to the season for Chelsea, as Chelsea have started the campaign in shaky form.

Thomas Tuchel’s side are struggling to create chances and the football on display has been far from impressive.

Chelsea have already lost two league games already, and Thomas Tuchel was hoping for a fresh start against West Ham.

Tuchel said before the West Ham game: “We will use the stability to grow, to build a group and influence each other in a positive way.

“I saw a reaction yesterday, and today we had a good training session. The cards are on the table. We will use it as a kickstart, it’s needed.

“We have the chance to start the season new tomorrow, a home game, with the players that are available. I have the feeling everybody is ready to show up.

“If we don’t get tough, we will get punished. We will show a reaction. It’s proven we can do it with this group.

“We need to find the right spirit and attitude in all the matches. We are now using the momentum we know who is in the squad, and we will show a new face.”

Chelsea ended up beating West Ham 2-1, but the victory was far from smooth.

Thomas Tuchel is however hopeful that the victory would spur on his side nevertheless.

He said: “We wanted to restart the season today and hopefully the way we did it in a home game and with the impact from the bench gives us the belief back, the confidence back that you need to play at the highest level.”