David Moyes has slammed VAR in a more terrible way than Thomas Tuchel. Would the FA act?

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Just a fortnight ago, Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel was fined and given a one-match ban following VAR’s shocking decision late in the game against Tottenham.

The FA charged the Chelsea manager and also claimed that he questioned the integrity of the match officials and consequently the Premier League.

However, David Moyes has now said worse things than what the Chelsea manager said, following their cancelled goal late in the game against Chelsea.

“It is a scandalous decision, absolutely rotten from one of the supposedly elite referees,” Moyes told Sky Sports.

“It doesn’t say much about whoever sent him over from VAR as well.

“It is an unbelievable decision against us. The goalkeeper comes to take it and fumbles it out of his hands. Then he acted as if it was a shoulder injury.

“I’m amazed that VAR sent the referee to the screen. It was a ridiculously bad decision. Today there is no excuse for that not to be a goal, none whatsoever.

“The sad thing is that this is the level of our elite refereeing at the moment. They’ve got new people in charge who are trying to do something.

“I’ve lost faith in them today in the people who are putting up for VAR. After watching it, I can’t see how the goal was not given.

“The referees said they were going to cut back on soft challenges and that was unbelievably soft.

“Referees can make mistakes. I do not see that in a million years. I’m more embarrassed for the guy in VAR than the referee because that’s telling me someone who doesn’t understand football and shouldn’t be near the game if that is enough to put someone near the screen.”

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  1. When things begin to be in this way pipo think we talk too much now look at these English referees so poor very bad FA SHUD act or the beautiful game will be affected

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