Arsenal fans cry out as Aubameyang signs for Chelsea

Chelsea signed up Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Barcelona on transfer deadline day.

The former Arsenal captain proved to be a goalscoring hero for the Gunners before falling out with Mikel Arteta, which eventually led to the termination of his contract.

Aubameyang joined Barcelona in February, and was a massive hit at the Nou Camp. However, he was eventually sold to Chelsea this summer, having already signed another striker in Robert Lewandowski.

Gunners fans have revealed their disappointment to see their former star striker sign up for Chelsea.

See some of their comments below

Phantasm_Agroric: “I’m not prepared to see Aubameyang score against us.

bhagyatejaaa: “Look, I’d wish Auba all the best wherever he went but this Chelsea move can’t sit right with me. I understand why he had to do it I guess but now I hope he becomes another Lukaku and Werner there”

hugh9: “It’s a bit embarrassing for us to see Auba at Chelsea as we let him go on a free without any clause that he could be sold back to an EPL club or without any sell on fee. The thought would have been that he would have finished his career at Barca, to come back to a London rival is a bit of a kick in the teeth. Especially this season when Arsenal should actually be rivaling Chelsea.”

Jakahimovic: “I’m vomiting seeing those images of Auba in Blue. Just doesn’t feel right.”

salman_M: “Auba had to go from Arsenal but I always thought he won’t return to the PL. To do so after just six months AND to join our big rivals who we will contend with this season…it’s a kick to the balls for sure.”