‘It’s not about goals and assists’ – Kai Havertz says on being a striker for Chelsea

Kai Havertz
Photo: Robin Jones/Getty Images

Kai Havertz has had his highs and lows in a Chelsea shirt, and the German international is most famous for scoring the Champions League winning goal for Chelsea in 2021.

The 23-year-old has often been deployed as a false striker, and it’s a role that comes with its own pressure.

Kai Havertz has admitted that he gives his best in that position which isn’t his favourite, and doesn’t think he should only be judged on his goals and assists.

Havertz said: “I’ve played lots of positions and I like to have close connections up front with players. I know as a number nine it’s also hard to play in England but I think I did it quite well in the last months.

“The game against Leeds was not good but I am working hard, I do the best that I can and try to get better every day.

“It’s not easy to always get the consistency as a young player but my goal for the season is to play consistently on a good level.

“Nowadays everything is about scoring goals and making assists. If you don’t do it, you played a bad game and everyone says it but for me football is about more than goals and assists so I try to show that on the pitch.

“I know that people criticise you on the numbers if you don’t score for two or three games. I know that and I feel it as well. It’s not a good feeling but when you play there [as striker] you have to score.

“I want to come into the position where I have the confidence to go into a game and think “yeah today you’re going to score” and to have that confidence again but it only comes through hard work and dedication. I try to do that every day and the rest comes by itself.’”