See what Leicester City fans did to Fofana after he accepted to join Chelsea

Wesley Fofana is set to become a Chelsea player after Chelsea and Leicester City reached an agreement for the 21-year-old centre-back.

Fofana had forced a move through to Chelsea, and has to be dropped out of the Leicester City team for their last two games. He was also sent to train with the Under-21 squad.

Leicester City fans turned on Fofana in their defeat to Chelsea on Saturday.

Fofana wasn’t considered for selection on the day.

And during the game, Foxes fans could be heard singing: “Wes Fofana, you’re a w**ker, you’re a w**ker.”

Leicester City boss Brendan Rodgers has claimed that Fofana hasn’t behaved properly, compared to when Harry Maguire left the club in an £80m deal.

He explained: “No, it was totally different. I was aware over the course of the summer that there was a possibility that could happen.

“Harry in terms of his behaviour and his focus for the club, he was fantastic right until the last minute he was with the team and with the squad and then he moved on. So no, it is different.

“Over the seasons here we’ve lost obviously Ben Chilwell as well, but this [Fofana situation] unfortunately is just a little bit different. But our focus is with the team and the players that are available.”