“I won’t be on the sidelines’ – Tuchel slams FA’s decision

Photo: Matthew Ashton – AMA/Getty Images

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has slammed the FA’s decision that will make him sit out the game against Leicester City.

Tuchel has admitted his surprise that Antonio Conte who started the provocation would be able to coach his team and he won’t.

The Chelsea boss also pointed to the Marc Cucurella hair incident that should have seen Cristian Romero sent off.

When asked if he will be on the touchline against Leicester he replied: “No, I think I can do the same as always, arrive in the stadium and be in the changing room for sure.

“I cannot be on the sideline, it seems but we need to wait for the final answer because we responded to the written response.

“We are waiting for the answer today. I think I can be not on the sideline but in the dressing room and at half-time.”

“I think there’s two sides to it. The one side to it is that I got the red card and behaved in a game which is not appropriate and which I regret, but it was out of passion.

“It was not too aggressive, it was out of passion. I can accept if I get a red card during the match I have a touchline ban and am fined. This is one side to it, I don’t dispute it and accept it.

“What’s hard to accept is the context. I don’t think I started the aggression, it started earlier. I don’t think I was the only person involved. We both got a red card.

“A player pulled another player by its hair two minutes earlier. He can play on, he is not banned. For a firm handshake at the end of the match, one coach is banned.

“This is very hard to accept. It’s hard to accept it. Putting it into context, I cannot understand.

“I don’t say further, you have my opinion on that. In the future there is no comment from me.

“I will not comment anymore on any referee’s decisions. No matter how big it is, this is obviously what we want and what you get.”