Former Frank Lampard’s assistant gives advice to Thomas Tuchel

Photo: Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC via Getty Images

Chelsea lost to Leeds United 3-0 in just our third league game of the season.

It was a shocking performance from Thomas Tuchel’s men, as the Blues failed to create clear chances for much of the game at Elland Road.

Former Chelsea assistant manager Jody Morris has urged Chelsea to sign a striker, as he complained about the team’s lack of creativity in games against Everton and Leeds United.

“It’s a funny one because even though we’re three games into the season I have to say I thought Chelsea were poor from an attacking aspect against Everton, they didn’t create enough clear-cut chances,” Morris told Stadium Astro after Chelsea’s defeat to Leeds.

“I thought the same today [against Leeds] even the chances they had, you’d call them chances but you’re not saying, ‘he must score there’. Even Sterling’s two chances came from him creating it himself.

“I just feel they’re not creating enough real big opportunities to score goals apart from against Spurs when Havertz had the chance to put the game to bed.

“I think they’ve got to look for a striker.”

3 Comments on "Former Frank Lampard’s assistant gives advice to Thomas Tuchel"

  1. Jay-Wealthy | August 24, 2022 at 4:10 pm |

    You don’t wanna talk about that, they’re out there busy looking for defenders when our attack is as dormant as a toothless dragon.. we have defenders, we can manage the defensive area even with the player we got but certainly not in attack. Kia is a lukewarm and lazy pkayer known until mid season, he has no business doing the needful. Our best attacker has been shipped out Timo, even if he isn’t scoring he’d be there creating chances for others. Tuchel has to wake up or walk out of the club, seems the guy is confused!! I might be wrong though!!

  2. Yo not wrong bro, you are absolutely right.. we need a striker

  3. Abdullah mohammed | August 24, 2022 at 11:37 pm |

    Blame Tuchel for our woes..
    Poor man management skills..

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