‘Sell him’ – Former club chairman tells club to sell £60m player to Chelsea

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Chelsea have seen a £40m bid rejected for Everton forward Anthony Gordon.

Chelsea are believed to be preparing another bid for the 21-year-old, as Chelsea are keen on signing him before transfer deadline day.

The new bid is believed to be a £60m deal – initial fee of £45m and an extra £15m in add-ons.

Former Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan has told Everton to quickly cash in on Chelsea’s £60m, as he slammed Chelsea for trying to pay an absurd fee for a young talent.

He told talkSPORT: “Sell him. Sell him, cash in on him. Brighton took £62m for Cucurella. If Chelsea are stupid enough to be the latest incarnation of Johnny Splattercash, let them pay for him.

“Go get the 60 million quid, get it on the nail. I think most Evertonians will look at that with a degree of disappointment but realise it’s good business – but we want it spent back in the team.”

Jordan added: “It is getting into the territory of significant levels of money, which make it almost ridiculous. This player is not a £60m footballer. If you are going to get £60m for him and you’d going to make Chelsea pay it on the money, on the nail, without paying it on the drip, which they tend to do as a matter of course, then bang you’ve got come power to be able to go out there yourself.

“But what they’ve got to do is they’ve got to do it now because they’ve got ten or nine days to finish this transfer window off, they need to be able to utilise that money.

“It doesn’t need to burn a hole in their pocket, so everyone can take it off them with inflated prices for anyone they want to buy, but they need to get the deal done.

“And if the player wants to go, let him go.”

Jordan continued: “He can go to Chelsea and he can potentially, potentially, if he believes this is his opportunity, he can sit in the same position as people like Steve Sidwell and Danny Drinkwater sat in. Because there is no given, he hasn’t learnt his trade yet, he hasn’t earned the opportunity for 60 million quid.

“But Todd Boehly and his team, and I’ve been critical of Gary Neville pushing back on the argument that he makes, but if they are so desperate to spend ridiculous amounts of money then you’d be bloody foolish not to take it.”

On the price tag, Jordan added: “Anthony Gordon for 60 million quid?! What?! I mean Haaland went for 51m quid, ok that’s because someone protected his contract and put it in a situation where the player was in control by having a release clause.

“60 million quid for Anthony Gordon?! Send him in a cab quick before somebody actually wakes up and smells the coffee. 60 million quid?!”

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  1. Jay-Wealthy | August 23, 2022 at 10:25 pm |

    Honestly, this is crazy for an unproven player, this isn’t what it’s. Maybe Chelsea need some few Football oriented people to managing the club. What’s going on at the moment, it’s freaking absurd! Selling the good guys and buying not so good. No good business person would trade Timo for Auba! Wrong move there!!

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