We have plans – Tuchel responds to Chelsea’s transfer plans before deadline day

Thomas Tuchel training
Photo: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has often spoken about the need to strengthen the Chelsea team this summer.

Tuchel understands that last season’s title collapse was born out of a lack of squad depth, and he doesn’t want a repeat of that.

Speaking to the media about the transfer market, Tuchel was asked by a journalist if he was frustrated with the lack of incoming deals in the past 10 days.

Tuchel responded: “I’m the opposite of frustrated. I’m very happy and very confident after last week’s performance.

“We work together about the reinforcements but it’s never easy. You can’t just wish for something, and it will happen.

“As long as the transfer window is open there are always possibilities. We know what we are trying and what we are doing, but the focus is on what we have, not what we could have, and this is the team. They get the full energy and full attention from us.”

Speaking about his transfer plans in correlation to the long season, Tuchel said: “We have had two training sessions with 18 players. In a schedule where we play once a week, it’s not a problem.

“If I put the chin up and look at the schedule that is coming, with Southampton during the week and then two Champions League matches, it’s in front of the door and we will need a lot of quality players to be competitive.

“It’s one thing to compete once a week, another to compete 60 times a year and three times a week.

“For that you need a strong group, players who challenge for their minutes, and push each other to the highest level. It’s not only about tactics and team spirit, it’s about the challenge within the team and the depth of your squad.

“We are still active in the market and we know what can be possible, but if not, we will make the best out of it. At the moment we have what we have, we know what we’re looking for and only from there can we think about letting players go.”