Chelsea and Manchester United are not rivals – Paul Merson says

Paul Merson has urged Chelsea to sign up Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United.

Merson believes signing Ronaldo would help Chelsea’s attack as Chelsea are in need of a goalscorer.

When put to Merson that selling Ronaldo to Chelsea would be like selling to a direct rival, Paul Merson insisted that Chelsea and Manchester United are no longer rivals, and United are off the pace now.

Paul Merson told Sky Sports: “Why is it their rival? They’re not top four rivals, they’re a million miles off they’re not going to get in the top four.

“They’ve got to worry about making sure they don’t sell to Newcastle. They’ve got to start worrying about the club full stop I’m not being horrible. They’ve got to start walking again. Don’t start sprinting and worrying about the top four.

“There’s ways of losing football matches and you can’t be losing 4-0 to Brentford and that’s no disrespect.”