Conte reveals what he’d do to Tuchel next time they meet

Photo: Robin Jones/Getty Images

It was a feisty London derby encounter between Chelsea and Tottenham, as both sides played out a 2-2 draw at Stamford Bridge on Sunday.

The passion was felt on the sidelines with both managers Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte issued a yellow card after Spurs’ first equaliser through Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg.

Conte triggered it by celebrating in front of Thomas Tuchel, which made the Chelsea manager to react violently.

After the referee’s full time whistle, both managers were involved in another fracas, and Anthony Taylor decided to show them a red card.

Speaking after the game, Spurs boss Antonio Conte said he’d not shake hands with Tuchel when both sides meet again.

“I think that what happened we did enjoy but next time we will pay more attention and don’t shake the hands and we solve the problem,” the Spurs manager said.

“He stays in his bench, I stay in my bench, with my staff on one side and no problem about this. It would be a pity if for this situation we miss the next game.

“It’s not so important [what happened]. The most important thing is always football and to speak about the game. It was an intensive game. For us this game was really tough but you know very well that to come here and to play Chelsea away is always difficult. They have a really good team.

“The referee showed me a red card but he didn’t understand the dynamic of what happened, but it’s okay. I have to accept, but I repeat this is not a big problem. It’s not important. The problem is between me and the other coach, not for the others.

“There is a video to understand what happened. For sure I am not passive. If I see aggressivity, then my answer is with aggressivity but I repeat this is not a problem. The most important thing is the game was a great game with two teams where there is a big rivalry.

“For us to get a point was really important. In my opinion they continue to stay up on us but before the press conference I say this season we are better than last season and I think we show this only in the difficulty that we are a tough opponent for many reasons.”