Conte clashed with a Chelsea player in the tunnel. Read what he has to say about that

Photo: Henry Browne/Getty Images

According to reports, Tottenham manager Antonio Conte was involved in a bust-up with Chelsea midfielder Mateo Kovacic after the fiery 2-2 draw between Chelsea and Tottenham at Stamford Bridge on Sunday.

Conte clashed with Thomas Tuchel twice – during the game and at full time.

Reports have it that Conte also had a bust-up with Kovacic down the tunnel.

Conte barged into Kovacic, who had missed the game due to injury, in the tunnel, which led to the Croatian starting a row with the Italian and his coaching staff.

When asked about his confrontation with Kovacic, Conte said: “I think this is not important.

“It can happen when passion is high on both sides. The celebration was very clear, what this game means for the two clubs. Maybe also for the two managers.”

Thomas Tuchel also played down his confrontation with Conte.

“It was not necessary, but a lot of things were not necessary,” Tuchel said.

“Come on guys, it’s between two competitors and nothing bad happened. It’s emotional, football. We don’t need to heat it up. You have emotional coaches on the touchline and that’s it.”