Arteta reacts to Aubameyang’s Chelsea links

Photo: Getty Images

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was an Arsenal player for four years, but ended up leaving the Gunners back in February after falling out with Arsenal Mikel Arteta.

The 33-year-old striker was even stripped off his captaincy at Arsenal and dropped from the first team squad.

With Chelsea set to sign Aubameyang, Arteta asked if he has any regrets over the handling of the Aubameyang situation, Arteta replied: “It’s a long time since that happened. I cannot go back each time there is a series.

“I have made my comments on that, I was clearly clear and honest on my opinion

“What has been done has to defend the club and put it in the best possible position.”

Arteta also hailed Aubameyang as an ‘exceptional player’ and thanked him for what he did for the club.

“Auba is an exceptional player. He did so much for us,” Arteta added.

“He was our captain and I think we have to be very grateful for what he did for this club.”